Accounting Set Up

Our first step is to meet with our clients and get to know them and their business. It is during this initial meeting that we learn how the business is unique from its competitors, what the business owner considers important and what drives the business. We then work with the system already in place or start a new file, either way the system will reflect the needs of the client and their business.


Accounting Clean Up

Do you have a big mess on your hands? We love to take a file that has been neglected, set up incorrectly, or just needs some work and get it cleaned up and ready for the future. This is our primary service offering, and our favorite part of the business.


Monthly Bookkeeping

After setting up the files, we offer monthly reporting on the financial state of the company. Our services include categorizing expenses and income properly, reconciliation of bank accounts and credit accounts, the proper management of your assets and liability accounts, and preparation of the financial statements. Each month, there is a meeting scheduled to discuss findings, trends and to offer advice on any adjustments that might help increase your net income. We also provide accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales tax, and other similar services.



We offer custom training plans and individual coaching - from how to work in accounting files to education on accounting principles and even industry specific bookkeeping. If we don't have a course on a requested topic, we will create the course.


CFO Services

Our Virtual CFO services provide clients with consultative support regarding their organization's financial strategy. We assist with cash flow issues, determining the appropriate margins, implementing efficient systems, preparing the organization for growth and other requested services.


Money Guidance

We help individuals gain control of their finances, identify areas in which they can save, and figure out the "why" behind where and when they are spending money. Our goal is to help clients develop a strong relationship with spending and saving so they can create wealth for themselves and their family.