We advise, you decide

Are your financial statements providing you with the guidance you need?

A professional bookkeeper can help.

It's time to outsource your bookkeeping



Sound bookkeeping practices have the following advantages:

  • Make business decisions off historical data

  • Impress your banker with accurate and professional financial statements

  • Have clear understanding of how your business is REALLY doing

  • Relieve the stress of tax time
  • Spend more time doing what you love

Who We Serve


Real Estate Investors

We provide the services needed to effectively run a REI business.


Property Managers

With so many moving parts, bookkeeping for property managers is challenging. We specialize in helping even the most complicated clients.


Service Providers

Companies who provide services to residential or commercial real estate - landscapers, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, professional photographers...

Services Provided

Set up or Clean up with training

We set up your accounting files so that from the beginning things are correct. We also clean up files that have inaccuracies or have fallen behind. We will then create a custom training plan to help you manage your books going forward. This is our speciality and by far our most popular service.

Recurring Schedule Bookkeeping

We can manage all bookkeeping tasks on a schedule that is best for each client's business. The data, as provided by the client, will be entered correctly and reconciliations completed. We take a limited amount of monthly clients, as our focus is on set up and clean up projects.

Financial Statements

Clean books will help create accurate financial statements. We will prepare the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows along with any other custom reports requested. If your banker wants to see certain data, we can get you accurate financial statements quickly.

Analysis and Advisory Services

This is our favorite part! We take the data and provide recommendations and areas to keep an eye on.